Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Guide to More Advanced Guitar Songs

For the more experienced guitarist looking to play advanced guitar songs a good place to start is with folk songs as these often have simple melodies with difficult harmonies. In addition, a lot of songs by The Beatles and Bob Dylan are the same way. These songs are recognizable so you will know right away when you make a mistake and can fix it. With the mix of melody and harmony these songs will work with vocals or without. 

Advanced Guitar Songs
Advanced Guitar Songs
To learn them it's easy to start with the melody line and then move on to the chords and more difficult aspects. These more advanced songs are a good way to work on chords and individual lines at the same time. Take The Beatles' "Yesterday" for example: this song is recognized everywhere and has a beautiful simple melody line that works wonderfully all on its own and can be accompanied with simple chords if the player chooses. 

However, the harmonic accompaniment that goes with the original song is very complex and much more advanced and difficult. Another nice perk of starting more advanced playing with these types of songs is that they are usually available in several different keys so you can pick the one that is most comfortable for you.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

What to Keep in Mind When Shopping at a Music Emporium

When entering a music emporium to look for a guitar don't get overwhelmed. There are so many guitar choices at a staggering range of prices and styles that it can be confusing to the first time guitar shopper. First of all, keep in mind your budget, the style of music you want to play and what feels comfortable to you. 

Music Emporium
Music Emporium
Ask a store attendant to help you with your selection and describe the different types of guitars on offer. While these music emporium workers are usually very helpful, don't let them talk you into something that is way out of your price range and that isn't what you really want. While it is important to have a nice, well-made instrument that is going to help you sound good, don't buy one that is too expensive for you, especially if you are a beginner. 

Once you have your guitar, invest in a nice hard case for it. This is one area in which you definitely don't want to skimp. A nice case will protect your instrument and keep it looking and sounding good for years to come.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Learn to Play a Song on the Guitar by Learning to Read Music

It's not always easy to play a song on the guitar, especially when you're just getting started. Many beginners (we've all seen them) learn three chords, sling their guitar over their shoulder and proceed to play their basic three-chord rock in various parks and dining halls. There isn't anything wrong with this, but if you want to progress farther than this with your playing it is important that you master the art of reading either tablature or notated music, and preferably both. 

Play a Song on the Guitar
Play a Song on the Guitar
Being able to read some music beyond chord symbols will greatly assist you in learning melody lines and chord progressions quickly and accurately. Being able to sight-read music means that you can have a whole repertoire of pieces in your bag without having to spend hours figuring them out and memorizing them. 

Learning music notation will also help you if you want to write songs. We've all had it happen that we come up with a tune that we really like and then can't remember it the next day. Being able to write down your musical thoughts means that those moments will be preserved.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Teachers Can Help you Learn How to Play Songs on the Guitar

Of course, the best way to learn how to play songs on the guitar is to find a good teacher in your area who will be able to instruct you in the style and genre that you want to play. When looking for a teacher there are a few things to consider. First of all, do you want to play an acoustic or electric guitar? If you want to play electric studying with a teacher who plays mostly acoustic might be helpful in a general musical sense but won't help you learn songs in your genre quickly. 

Learn How to Play Songs on the Guitar
Learn How to Play Songs on the Guitar
Second of all, don't just choose a teacher that happens to be local and teach at your closest music store. Make sure you do a little bit of research, talk to their students and maybe find some reviews if you can. Music lessons can be expensive, but well worth it if you have the right teacher. You also want to get your money's worth out your lessons so try to find a teacher who isn't going to waste half of the lesson playing their own guitar and who will focus on showing you how to pay yours. 

It's best to start with fundamentals like scales, chords and melody patterns that will help you quickly transition to actual songs. Starting with fancy tricks like hammer-ons might be fun but won't get you anywhere at the beginning.